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Fun Online Classes For Everyone

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Whatever your reason to workout, I have a solution for you.  For less that 33p per day, you can have unlimited access to fun fitness classes which will help you get fitter, relieve stress, loss weight or just have a good time with friends. 


All classes are viewable on all devices, so you can lift weights at home with Pump, center yourself on the beach with the Pilates based Balance, dance with friends in the park with Groove, or punch and kick your stress away anywhere with our martial arts inspired Combat. 


No matter your age or fitness levels, there is a class for you with options provided so everyone can join in, with more added every quarter.  So sign up to a free trial* and start your ‘anywhere’ fun fitness class journey now!

You will also have access to the Forum, where you can reach out to friends and be kept up to date with new releases and offers.

*Once the free trial has completed, £9.99 will be taken on a monthly basis for 12 months on the annual subscription and £12.99 will be taken monthly on the monthly subscription.

Sign up for just £9.99 per month (for the annual subscription) or £12.99 per month (for the monthly subscription) and you get full unlimited access to the complete library of classes which can be done by anyone, anywhere and at anytime that suits you.


I talk through all techniques during the classes, just as I would if you were in front of me in a live class. AND if you sign up you will benefit from free consultations (either in person or on zoom depending on location) to go through any moves with you that you would like help with.

Website subscribers will also receive a discount for any in person classes that take part at an arranged venue.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get these fantastic offers straight away!

How to

Technique Videos

Not sure what the moves are or how to do them? Watch the technique videos and find out so you can practice and start the class with confidence.

Go to classes

Recorded Video Library

Already signed up?  Get stuck in with the catalogue of releases.  Choose what class you would like to do and the length of class and you are all set.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or suggestions about the on line classes, would like to discuss live streaming or 1 on 1 training, please drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting!

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